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Created By Multi Platinum, Grammy Nominated Producers & Musicians…

Break The Cycle Of Unfinished Projects With These 5,000 High Quality Royalty-Free Melodies, Drum Samplea and MIDI Created by Top Producers!"

This Exclusive Launch Will Sell Out Very Quickly…

Hydra Bundle Render e1682282645589
  • Start and finish tracks with EASE with the 8.000+ melodies, MIDI, chord progressions, and creativity boosters.

  • Our multi platinum, grammy nominated team settled for nothing but the highest quality samples and resources.

  • Diversify your sound and effortlessly create tracks in multiple genres and styles with these unique samples, as well as the live recorded melodies and vocals

  • NEVER worry about royalties, because these samples and MIDI are 100% royalty free!

  • PERMANENTLY destroy your writer's block with the creativity boosters and project starters you'll have at your fingertips.

  • Leave the endless cycle of trial and error with industry tested samples and melodies that have been proven to land hit after hit!

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Producers, Imagine If You Could...

Start (and actually finish) your next project and NOT worry about writer's block, low-quality samples, or getting stuck at the "8 bar loop" stage.

Have the highest quality samples produced by multi-platinum, grammy nominated producers, so your samples never hold you back!

Incorporate live instruments AND live vocals into any of your tracks to stand out from the sea of producers with generic, robotic-sounding tracks.

Diversify your sound with samples and MIDI that fit ALL genres, so you can be versatile, and find your signature sound!

We created a producer bundle filled with resources that will allow you to do just that! It is guaranted to level up your music quality , uniqueness, workflow, and more!

Introducing: The Hydra Drumkit Bundle

Hydra Bundle Render e1682282645589

5.000 all new melodies, drum samples, drum loops, live vocals, live guitar, MIDI, and more!

100% royalty-free so you never need to worry about paying royalties, sample clearance, or crediting anyone else.

Massive 95% discount and 100% money-back-guarantee so you have no risk.

Limited-time offer! This bundle is only available to 300 producers, and the 80.000+ producers in our audience will likely fill the 300 spots extremely quickly!

Total Value: €303

Today Only €27


Here Are Some Of The Samples Inside The Hydra Drumkit Bundle

100% Royalty Free. Compatible With All Software And Hardware.

Melody Loops

Drum Loops



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Plus Get 8 FREE BONUSES When You Order Today!

We Spared no expense when creating the Hydra Producer Bundle. This includes creating 8 unique bonuses that you will get for FREE when you get your copy of this bundle

You’r getting a free, never seen before, exclusive R&B sample library, trap sample library, drum loop and MIDI collection, drill drum loop pack, edm sample library,  and so much more!

Here's EVERYTHING You'll get in The Hydra Drumkit Bundle:

  • The Hydra Drumkit -243 High Quality, Royalty Free Samples (47€ Value)

  • FREE BONUS #1 - The Orion FX Library (27€ Value)

  • FREE BONUS #2 - The Crystal FX Library (17€ Value)

  • FREE BONUS #3 - The Storm VITAL Presets Library (17€ Value)

  • FREE BONUS #4 - The Hardcore Drill Drumloops Library (37€ Value)

  • FREE BONUS #5 - The Sunchill R&B Sample Library (47€ Value)

  • FREE BONUS #6 - The Big Clouds EDM Sample Library (47€ Value)

  • FREE BONUS #7 - The Sweetness Melody MIDI Library (37€ Value)

  • FREE BONUS #8 - The Spring Perc Oneshot Collection (27€ Value)

Total Value: €303

Today Only €27

The RezoSounds 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you decide this bundle isn't for you, send an email to and I'll refund you the money on the spot. This is a lifetime guarantee that does not expire under any circumstance. We won't even ask you to delete the pack.

There's absolutely no risk for you! I don't want anything to stand in the way of you jumping on this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Samples and MIDI Royalty Free?

Yes! All the samples and MIDI in the Hydra Drumkit Bundle are 100% royalty-free. This means any streaming reveue, beat sales or placements you get with these samples go to you and you only. You don’t need to split sales, pay royalties or credit us.

Is there a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! If for any reason you decide this kit isn’t for you, just send an email to and I’ll refund you on the spot. There’s absolutely no risk for you. I’m putting all the risk on us. I don’t want anything to get in between us being able to work together.

How Long Does This Offer Last?

This offer is available to only 300 producers. Once it’s gone it’s gone forever. Make sure to get your copy before it’s too late.

This Deal Sounds A Little Too Good To Be True. Is There A Catch?

There’s no catch! I’ve made it a mission of mine to provide producers with the best resources possible and to help them succeed in their career. That’s why I put together crazy bundles like these so we end up working together for many years to come.

Is this really your site?

Yes, but i’m lazy for marketing et cetera and focus on making fire samples, beats and melodies. That’s why this site MAY seem familiar to you but i assure you that i am just lazy as fuck and hired some guy on Fiverr for this so i can make more music.

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